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My latest collection of stories, Living as Jesus Taught, is in the Store now! A great gift for loved ones on your list!

Read sample pages of all of my books. I offer a 40% discount on orders of six or more copies of any one title. Email me for details.

Catholic writer, spiritual director, storyteller of the reign of God
The reign of God is possible!
(Otherwise, Jesus would not have proposed it.)
Let me walk you and your people
from “possible” to real results.
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I am a seasoned storytelling evangelizer who believes that church remains something that the world urgently needs—right now, in your town.
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As a speaker, teacher, writer, consultant, and coach, I collaborate with pastors, pastoral and catechetical teams, and laity. Let me empower you and your people to be the public face of Christ.
How I Work
I am fearless in addressing the political nature of Jesus, of the Gospel, and of our mission in this world which God still so loves.

Read the stories, learn the moves,
get inspired!
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With honest talk, deep listening, and courage to take Jesus seriously,
plus an action plan, I will equip you to lead, inspire, and make the
reign of God possible in your town.
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My books speak simply and clearly on the nature of God’s calling—in your life, and the lives of your people. Feed your mind, heart, and soul.
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