In the Avenue of the Elders

Approx. read time: 1:00 min   Oh Elders, I touch your venerable bark and stand in awe of your magnificence as I walk this stretch of trail. You stand today exactly where you began, not one inch off from where you stood as saplings. Your roots, invisible, hold you secure. In this quiet midday hour,… Read more »

To feel at ease in a wounded world

Approx. read time: 3:00 min   This morning, riding up the McKenzie River corridor, I look out the window at the fast-passing scenery. All I see is a wash of every imaginable shade of green. Lush green, with the river running fast, and pretty high, alongside the two-lane highway.  I sense my self beginning to… Read more »

What keeps me from walking on water

Approx. read time: 3:00 min.   Lately I’ve had a hard time focusing.  Like most everyone else, I get distracted with “being busy.” “Being busy” is our culture’s code for how we prove our worth, even if only to ourselves. Being busy is easy. Being focused, I discover, is a discipline.  It means I must… Read more »

Consider the Wolf of Gubbio

  Approx. read time: 3:35 min. This week a U.S. Congressmember acknowledges, of the aggressions in Ukraine, that the United States essentially is at war with another nuclear superpower. “And it’s important that we win.” I was not ready to have my heart and my attention seized by this long-distance bloodbath, which now suddenly feels… Read more »

How shall we carry our cross?

    Approx. read time: 2:35 min. Today is Good Friday, the solemn celebration of the Lord’s arrest, mock trial, scourging, crucifixion, and finally, his burial. That “finally” piece feels so … final. Death—the ultimate silencing of the prophet, the troublemaker, divine Lover, the Lord. I think, today, of how Jesus was forced, like other… Read more »

The grain of wheat that dies

Approx. read time: 2:40 min.   I am thinking about Jesus. I am thinking about bread. I am thinking about wheat. I am thinking about the people of Ukraine. I am thinking about Jesus. It’s a circular thought, I notice. Coherent, complete. I think about Jesus on the night of his arrest, at table. His… Read more »

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