Enough, already: My letter to President Biden

Shaft of morning light in a forest cathedral: McKenzie River Trail (Mary Sharon Moore, 2021)


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Dear President Biden:

The people of Gaza have endured over 100 days of ongoing genocide, with named victims exceeding 25,000. Over ten thousand children have been wantonly sacrificed, and those who survive undergo surgeries without anesthesia.

Pregnant women lack necessary safety and support as they give birth. Gazan civilians starve while convoys of trucks filled with supplies are not allowed through to provide food and water.

Within a span of three months, more U.S.-supplied Israeli-delivered bombs have been dropped on Gazans than the entire tonnage of U.S. bombs dropped in Iraq over six years.

As persons of Catholic faith, you and I bear the burden of confronting serious moral challenges: Me from my very small platform, you from the world stage.

Where is God in this genocide? The real question is: Where are God’s people? Where are we? Where are you, a publicly and proudly professed Catholic and leader of the free world?

Mr. President, you seem to be missing in action.

Vast waves of decent Americans are begging for you to stop aiding and abetting Prime Minister Netanyahu. Decent citizens across the world are begging for you to come to your senses, reclaim your humanity, and do the right thing: Cut ties with the forces of madness and death.

No political calculus can stand in as a substitute for right moral action, especially because so many lives are at stake. Our world urgently needs you to stand strong in the cause of humanity.

Mary Sharon Moore

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