Here’s my 2022 calendar of YouTube courses and seasonal meditations! Each series is packed with timely topics, inspiration you can live with, and encouragement for your assignments in life.

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You want to work miracles? Gather what you have, bless God, and do the next obvious thing. Give God something to work with!

From Living as Jesus Taught

Watch the Storyteller at work

I deliver honest talk on the nature of God’s calling in our times.

I tell my audiences what I tell myself: Let’s dream the possible dream. Then roll up our sleeves, lean in, and get some good work done. The Land of the Rightside Up is possible!

I believe, like St. Teresa of Avila, that “the world is on fire, and this is no time to be concerned with unimportant things.”

Whether in one-to-one conversation or addressing church gathered, I deliver honest talk on the nature of God’s calling in these times—real vocational talk!

Our world needs our every ounce of courageous will, bold action, wisdom in service to justice, and our compassion. It’s time for all hands on deck! If you agree, let’s talk.

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