Honestly, how shall we pray in this Advent season?

If we are paying attention, we are being sobered. Here is my Advent prayer.

Approx. read time: 0:52 sec.

My Advent prayer. Photo credit: Dan Villani.

Somehow the familiar language of Advent doesn’t fit anymore.

At least, not for me. And maybe not for you, either.

We’re in a long season of purification, a painful season of sobering up to the reality that life is not about me. It never was, but we liked to believe otherwise.

And so we are full of pushback, exhaustion, impatience.

At least I am. And maybe you, as well.

Still, if I believe Jesus, and I do, then I have to accept that we have work to do, you and I, to build a world that strains mightily toward God’s vision of how life should be.

Jesus did. He stood against the powers and the perks of Empire. He paid the price for his resistance. He was raised from the dead.

He showed us what faithfulness looks like. He showed us how it’s done.

My work is dedicated to helping women and men of faith, and those of sincere heart and good will, to strain mightily toward that better vision of how life should be.

Reach out and let me know your thoughts.

In Advent peace, with just the right amount of righteous agitation …

Mary Sharon



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