Honestly …

Shaft of morning light in forest cathedral: McKenzie River Trail (Mary Sharon Moore, 2021)

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Honestly, I don’t understand this crazy world, its smash-and-grab ethos, greed without guardrails; human and creational suffering as the cost (borne by the sufferers) of doing business the way we do.

Honestly, I can’t wrap my mind around the daily wash of tragedies—the forces of Nature, the works of human calculation, lives lost, communities shattered. Why?

Honestly, I resist feeding corporate beasts deemed too big to fail with my money, my attention and, to their relief, my indifference to the damage they deliver to those with least resistance.

Daily, now, I labor to tame my heart from countering this mad world’s violence with violence of my own. 

Daily, I give myself to the disciplines of noticing with clear eyes, showing up, and speaking with pure intention, to living as the nonviolent Jesus did, as best I can, with compassion, truth, and trusting the possibility of something better.

Daily, I yearn for the reign of GOD, the Land of the Rightside Up, now, even in the midst of the Land of the Upside Down. I yearn for islands of peace, communities of justice, generosity, and the flourishing of Life as it always was meant to be.

A better world is possible for all of us. Better ways are open to us, personally, collectively, corporately. We have it in us to be our true, outward-facing, generous and compassionate selves. We have only to eschew our armor, our reasons why not, and embrace the invitation.

Honestly, the invitation to live justly, and in peace, is everywhere.

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Be well. Live in peace. Love one another.

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