How I pray in times of trouble

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Silver Lining

We need silver linings, these days, signs in the sky that life is more, and more inviting, than what we can see.

I’m deleting a lot of emails these days. Dropping scheduled webinars from my calendar. Dialing down the newscasts. Turning off the radio in my head.

Not because I don’t care about the pandemic, or elections, the economy, chronic hunger, where the church is headed, nor any of the other concerns that beg for my attention.

Like you, I have to do my part. But I cannot rescue everything, nor can I run on “empty.”

My strength, like yours, must come from a more sure place—not the eye of the storm, which they tell me is peaceful but scary. 

For me, my strength must come from deep within the enduring heart of God.

So I will share with you the invocations I pray each morning. I have been praying them for more years than I can count.

Adapt them to express what you most need to say.

  • Lord Jesus, risen Christ, you are my Light, you are my Stronghold … I worship you!
  • Lord Jesus, risen Christ, you are my Shelter, you are my Confidence … I worship you!
  • Lord Jesus, risen Christ, you are my Salvation, you are my Path … I worship you!
  • Lord Jesus, risen Christ, you are my Strength, you are my Courage … I worship you!
  • Lord Jesus, risen Christ, you are my Truth, you are my Peace … I worship you!
  • Lord Jesus, risen Christ, you are my Love, you are my Joy … I worship you!

For me, it’s important to be clear about what—or Whom—I actually worship. And to say the words intentionally, every day.


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Photo credit: Mary Sharon Moore, Silver Lining, 2018

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