If I lived a life free of vulnerability

These arches, secured on a concrete foundation, open to farmland and vineyards in the seeming middle of nowhere—actually, in Vina, California. They offer open passage from the sacred interior world to the sacred world beyond. Photo credit: Mary Sharon Moore, 2015

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If I lived a life free of vulnerability I’d never experience …

the kindness of strangers
the skill of attentiveness
the art of the possible
the craft of imagination
the invitation of trust
the hope of grace
the blessing of aloneness
the sense of discovery
the thrill of not knowing
the escape of pride
the journey of faith
the risk of adventure
the death of small self
the birth of larger self
the edge of the unknown

… you know, the Mystery we call God

I think these thoughts as I continue to write my new work, Gospel Vulnerability.

Jesus of the Gospels remains a mystery, ever inviting us to journey with him in the willingly vulnerable life, the life of costly Love.

You’re living this life of costly Love already. I know you are. I welcome your stories.

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Be well. Love one another. Live in peace.

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