Let go “war mind,” put on “the mind of Christ”

The steep final climb, near the peak of 2,000-foot elev. Spencer Butte, Eugene OR (2021)


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I read in today’s New York Times morning newsletter that “Help is on the way.” That would be U.S. funding for a fresh round of armaments in support of Ukraine’s protracted battle against Russia.

Meeting firepower with firepower does not end war. Only humility and courage—the excruciating pivot—can end war and open doors to true, durable, and mutually liberating Peace.

Of course, the logic of Peace is nonsense, laughable, in light of the logic of toxic ego and market forces. But more artillery shells and antiaircraft munitions ensure more war, more death, more damage to a stressed society and a stressed planet.

While neither nation can be identified as “Christian,” Jesus’ teaching applies universally. At the scene of his arrest Jesus never said “Don’t defend yourself.” He said: “Defend yourself, but do it nonviolently.” In other words: Peter, put away your sword  (see John 18:11).

Maybe the hard climb, which doesn’t have to be, is to fight to the point of utter exhaustion, when both sides and their allies finally learn to lay down their weapons and embrace Peace, to let go “war mind” and put on, as the Apostle Paul says, “the mind of Christ”—the risen, universal Christ, whose Spirit penetrates even the dark and armored spaces.

Letting go “war mind” and putting on “the mind of Christ” is your work and mine, starting today, in this hour.

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Be well. Love one another. Live in Peace.

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