My Advent longing

My photographer friend Russell Taylor captures winter morning fog in northern Oregon’s high Cascades. Sunlight travels through the dark spaces of the Cosmos, to land in these ancient woods, on this hidden trail.

Approx. read time: 2:10 min

I await the end of the world
of oppression, injustice, mean-spirit,
rancor, power over, diminishment of
humanity and decency and dignity
of each one whether low, high,
or somewhere in the middle.

I await the end of the world
of suspicion and judgment and
fear and mindless pushback
against what might be
different or new or full
of possibility of

I await the end of the world
where violence of any sort
loses its coin, its agency, its
relevance, its power to crush.

And here is the world I do
await, with all my heart:
the world where oppressors are
unshackled from their own
chains of oppression,
where those who diminish the
humanity of others might
receive the gift of their
own humanity.

I await the world where the
suspicious and judgy and
fearful ones might relax
into a welcoming trust
that there is goodness enough
to go around and then some,
where everyone feels at
home with people who are
just like them and also with
people who are not just
like them.

I await the world where
power over dissolves into
communion with, where
thought-tribes and culture-tribes
and tribes of every sort of
raging righteousness can
become Beloved Community,
where what is sacred and true
at the core of each one becomes
the gift we bear to one another.

I await the world where Light
overcomes every form of Darkness,
where swords become plowshares,
tilling the Earth and calling forth
new seasons of life, where
lions and lambs rest peaceably

I want the world that Jesus
preached, the reign of God,
the Good Road.

Call me a dreamer. Jesus was
a visionary, who lived generously
and taught prophetically,
healed freely, and loved profoundly
inside the vision of GOD, the
ultimate Dreamer.

Like Jacob, we’ve wrestled enough
with our darker forces.
Dawn light comes. It’s the hour,
now, to ask those darker forces
for a blessing, a new name.

I believe Jesus. I take him
at his word. And so I am
free, and therefore impelled,
to long, with all my heart,
for the world I await: a world
of justice and generosity,
fruitfulness and joy.

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