My letter to the U.S. Catholic Bishops

Shaft of morning light, McKenzie River Trail (2021)


Approx. read time: 0:55 sec.

On this Holy Saturday I come to the USCCB website to find some statement of resistance to U.S. active political, financial, and material participation in genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Your silence betrays a theology of Jesus’ sacrificial Love and Resurrection. Your silence is a cowardice, a betrayal of the blood of bishops of early church, who chose nonviolent resistance to crushing political and military power in their times, and paid for their witness with their lives.

Your betrayal through silence wounds me deeply, and permits the mortal wounding of vulnerable women, children, and men in a land safely distant from our own.

I beg you: Shed your spirit of cowardice and betrayal. Live in the anointing of your office. Speak truth to U.S. political-military power, with Love.

I am not “for” one side or the other. I am FOR LIFE, and the flourishing of every human life and of all Creation.

In the crucified Lord and risen Christ,

Mary Sharon Moore

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