Anointed for a Purpose CD


These CDs, recorded in Mary Sharon Moore’s voice, present the same powerful material in her book of the same title. Ideal for the daily commute, as an educational and evangelizing parish resource, or as a self-paced personal retreat.

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“In truth, we do seek to discern God’s calling, and to come to grips with the nature of God’s calling,” writes Mary Sharon Moore in the introduction to her book Anointed for a Purpose, “not because we understand what we seek but because we are impelled by the Holy Spirit.”

She adds, “We have been everlastingly sealed in this same Spirit to discern and express the ways in which Jesus, the risen Lord, continues his creative, encouraging, healing, redeeming work in our twenty-first century world. He is not yet finished with this work, and therefore neither are we.”

With her hallmark passion to awaken laity to the power of their anointing for the good of the world they touch, Mary Sharon Moore breaks open in fresh ways the power of the anointing in Baptism and Confirmation, an anointing which grows deeper as we take our life and our relationship with Jesus and his holy Spirit more seriously.

Anointed for a Purpose offers a clarifying depth of understanding of Confirmation and the whole of sacramental life for our world today.


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