DARE TO BELIEVE, RISE UP TO ACT Choral package (2019)


This powerful anthem speaks to the bold proclamation of faith which impelled Peter to step out of the boat, which moved Martha to confess her belief in the resurrection, the same bold proclamation of faith that will see us through the challenges of our times.

Package includes pdf of SATB sheets plus Dare to Believe mscz file, with rights to unlimited use by the purchaser.

Choral director and arranger David Phillips has created a unique bass line to shape a powerful choral delivery. Ideal for youth conferences, parish worship, encouragement in times of challenge. Three verses with easy melody, plus memorable, singable refrain. The audio sample here features the solo voice of Hannah Rudkin. Lyrics by Mary Sharon Moore, arranged by David Phillips (gentlespiritmusisc.com).

Listen to sample below:

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“It’s not enough to believe in Jesus,” writes Mary Sharon Moore in her book Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act. “We have to actually believe him, take him at his word.”

Mary Sharon’s recent choral single, “Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act,” arranged for SATB choir
by David Phillips, calls forth the magnitude of faith required of church today. The insistent
refrain brings this message home.


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