Gospel Vulnerability


The most consequential decision we can ever make, writes Christian spirituality writer Mary Sharon Moore, is to follow Jesus, to live Costly Love,the only kind of love Jesus knew. “It’s a decision we make again and again—not because we fail miserably, but because the invitations will stretch us greatly.”

Gospel Vulnerability is not just for church-goers but for those who recognize something about this man Jesus that rings true to their own lives of justice, generosity, perseverance, and yes, costly love.

With her signature warm, engaging, and invitational style, Moore distinguishes unwilling vulnerability from willing vulnerability, and through stories and scriptures offers readers ways to reflect on their own experiences of living in useful, courageous, prophetic ways in a complex and wounded world.

Gospel Vulnerability explores these topics, and each section closes with a Takeaway and an Assignment for individual reflection or small group conversation. Use these elements as your built-in Study Guide.

Gospel Vulnerability addresses:

  1. Vulnerability: Two Definitions

  2. Embracing the Vulnerable Path

  3. Gospel Vulnerability: Expression of Radical Trust

  4. Vulnerability of Core Convictions

  5. The Prophetic Core of Gospel Vulnerability

  6. Gospel Vulnerability and the Mission of Costly Love

  7. Practical Steps to Living Gospel Vulnerability

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Mary Sharon’s readers include lifelong Christians, those fascinated by this man Jesus, seekers, those who have left church brokenhearted, peacemakers, gentle pilgrims, and those who follow the Good Road, no matter their background, no matter the cost.

What others are saying …


Many spiritual books take readers only so far with “meet them where they are” theology. Gospel Vulnerability presents a greater challenge. Not only does it exemplify Jesus’ command to love selflessly; it expresses, in comfortable language, an uncomfortable expectation: vulnerability

People of mature faith are called to step courageously and prophetically into a wounded world, with mercy and costly love. Moore boldly takes up this challenge, and offers a very practical guide for actually living Costly Love. Gospel Vulnerability is an invitation to intimacy and action, ideal for those who are ready to launch as active disciples into the whirlwind. 

Nina Butorac, author of Sacramental Letters and The World Transparent


Mary Sharon Moores reading of the way of Jesus as gospel vulnerabilityis a compelling and much needed corrective to the many distorted versions of Jesus that cause so much damage and pain. With her passionate commitment to the incarnated Christ, she grounds her work in real-life experience and examples of living the costly yet beautiful love of Gospel in action. I felt myself deeply challenged and lovingly invited to live into a deeper radical trust in the God of Jesus and in the path of discipleship.

Will O’Brien, Coordinator of the Alternative Seminary


Gospel Vulnerability takes us on the journey of living life in Christ that requires risk, total trust, and letting go of familiar nets and secure responses to Jesus’ simple words, Follow me.Mary Sharon Moore offers an in-depth practical guide to embrace the risky yet deeply fulfilling response to Gods call to live that which matters above all else—love of God and neighbor.

Kathy R. Snider, Lay missioner, founder of Ixcan Ministries


Mary Sharon’s two spoken-word albums, Free to Be Free and Living as Jesus Taught, share stories of Gospel vulnerability in the everyday, unexpected, unrehearsed moments. Sample tracks and download in the Store, and discover insight and inspiration at marysharonmoore.com.

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