Living as Jesus Taught

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In the intimate voice of a master storyteller, Catholic author Mary Sharon Moore offers over thirty vignettes of what you might look like on an ordinary day, following Jesus.

“Before I am a self-in-the-world … I am a self,” she writes in her ninth book, Living as Jesus Taught.

And for her, “self” always means self-in-God. Which means being a self-for-others, as Jesus was.

“His life was a public witness to the endless invitations, the unfathomable compassion, and the unstoppable love and generosity of God,” Moore writes in these pages.

Living as Jesus Taught offers over thirty deeply engaging and sometimes gently humorous stories of what this public witness can look like. 

Each vignette is a polished gem, prose born of a poetic spirit. And each ends with questions for reflection and conversation.

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Am I actually living as Jesus taught? Do I believe Jesus?

Do I live with even a smidgen of his faith in God, which sets me free, as he was free, to act?

If I want to follow Jesus, am I willing to go where he goes—even to the fierce edge of the wave—and love whom and what he loves?

Am I willing to live by the same moral compass, and love with the same divine love?

These questions shape this latest collection of stories from Catholic writer and storyteller Mary Sharon Moore.

Living as Jesus Taught offers over thirty stories of what you just might look like, in moments of being discipled and apprenticed by the Master.

In some stories the heart is convicted, the attitude chastened. Other stories take you into the mystery of the multiplication of bread, of love, even the multiplication of blankets.

Mary Sharon shares the wild ride of living without a car, following and encountering Jesus cleverly disguised in her “downtown peeps”—oftentimes the ones consigned to the margins.

Everywhere, she finds the invitation to live as Jesus taught.

Part 1, Prayer, is about ways of being with God. Part 2, Encounter, is about ways of being with others. And Part 3, Life is about ways of being witness in the world.

Each vignette includes an opening scripture which weaves its way into the story. And each vignette ends with questions for reflection and conversation. You will have ample opportunity to recall your own true stories of how you already are living as Jesus taught.

People today need to hear your stories of encounter—whether your siblings or grandchildren, a lonely neighbor, a friend who struggles, or fellow disciples who need a spark of encouragement.

Imagine our world, all of us together, living as Jesus taught!

1 review for Living as Jesus Taught

  1. Dave Wiseman

    This book was fresh and relevant to my life. Our call to be Christ for others in ordinary ways is vital to evangelizing the world around us. Thank you for sharing the Spirit within you.

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