Living as Jesus Taught


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Inspirational spoken-word album

In these nine spoken-word tracks, the storyteller in Mary Sharon warmly invites you to go where she goes, notice as she does, and have your heart changed.

Each track comes alive with music of David Phillips.

What do you look like when you are living as Jesus taught?

Catholic author and storytelling evangelizer Mary Sharon Moore offers nine brilliant vignettes of her experiences, to point you toward your own stories.

Both humorous and touching, Mary Sharon’s irresistibly inviting voice draws you in, carries you, and delivers you a little deeper into the heart of the reign of God.

Tracks include:
01. Witness of the Hidden Life
02. My Friend Jorge
03. Channel of Grace
04. Nina
05. What Hope Looks Like
06. My Arms Do Not Flail
07. Remembering Mama Carrie
08. Multiplication of Love
09. Night Watch

Mary Sharon’s inspirational spoken-word projects break open in fresh ways what she has been writing and teaching for twenty years. Namely, you are anointed for a purpose!

And, being conformed to Christ, your time is now to dare to believe and rise up to act.

With Living as Jesus Taught, Mary Sharon offers you, simply, the best of the best.

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