Moving in God’s Direction


If we are alive, we are moving. And if we are moving, we are moving in some direction. What does it mean to actually move in God’s direction? Spiritual and vocational director Mary Sharon Moore gives us the essential handbook for spiritual directors, directees, and those who seek a more authentic language for spiritual growth. Packed with the fruits of Moore’s experience and insight, Moving in God’s Direction draws from the deeper scriptural and liturgical riches of Christian heritage.

Part I: Getting the Conversation Going: The Spirit Meets the Need
Part II: The Maturing Conversation: The Spiritual Meets the Vocational

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In a culture that’s “all about me,” the church continues to offer men and women of Christian faith a refreshing, life-serving practice for personal growth: spiritual and vocational direction. Far
from being today’s “new personal trainers,” spiritual and vocational directors point the trajectory of life toward God.

In her introduction to Moving in God’s Direction, author and vocational consultant Mary Sharon Moore notes: “Spiritual directors have been around for centuries, going back to … those early abbas and ammas of the desert tradition. … This spiritual practice is not about getting the world to move in your direction; rather, it is about you moving in God’s direction—a far more humble proposition.”

Moving in God’s Direction is the fruit of Mary Sharon’s years of active study, observation, practice, prayer, and deep immersion in the church’s scriptural and liturgical traditions. She distinctively integrates classic disciplines of Christian spiritual direction, charism discernment, vocational discernment, and scriptural and liturgical insights to offer readers a powerful way to engage the challenges and invitations to deeper meaning that shape their life.

Part 1, “Getting the Conversation Going: The Spirit Meets the Need,” examines crucial aspects of the director-directee relationship. Part 2, “The Maturing Conversation: The Spiritual Meets the Vocational,” integrates life circumstances with the ongoing invitation to mature life in Christ. Appendix material offers practical tips, guidance, and encouragement in the actual spiritual direction session.

Moving in God’s Direction is not only an extensive and unusually integrative handbook for spiritual directors and directees, but an invaluable source of encouragement for people of Christian faith who seek to understand more deeply the many dimensions of life that are worth exploring in the light of God’s calling.


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