Storytelling Our Lives


Every one of us has stories to share, because every one of us has experienced life’s invitations, challenges, and lessons.

And so, stories connect us to one another in ways that transform life into a meaningful journey.

In this easy-to-read workbook, Master Storyteller Mary Sharon Moore spells out the steps you can take that will bring forth and polish the Storyteller in you!

For over twenty years Mary Sharon has been giving talks and writing books that shine with stories that keep audiences coming back for more.

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Our times seem unique.

Our forebears, in their times, thought the same.

In fact, our times are unique, as were the times of our forebears.

Which means that our times, like times before us, urgently call for the wisdom, compassion, insight, and encouragement of Storytellers.

Author and Master Storyteller Mary Sharon Moore believes that we are the Storytellers for today—keepers of the memory, tenders of the flame of all that is tested, courageous, generous, noble, and worthy within the human spirit.

Our times need us, she believes. Our times need our memory, our ways of finding meaning, and the fire at our core.

And generations to come need the stories we carry in our hearts, and in our bones.

In Storytelling Our Lives Mary Sharon will help you to wordcraft the memories of the flame that has guided you and shaped the experiences unique to your life.

First, with a well-stocked Storytelling Toolkit, and then with your unique life experiences through five helpful storytelling lenses, starting close in:

  1. Stories of Life in COVID County—vignettes of struggle, loss, isolation, courage, loneliness, unexpected closeness, surprising discoveries, and more, in a season of pandemic

  1. Stories of Trial by Fire—stories of times of testing, of raw courage, of brave passage through life’s many forms of fire, from raging wildfires to the fires of kinship and costly love

  1. Stories From the Vault—treasured stories of people, circumstances, and events that shaped you and opened up your innate reserves of life, talent, and generosity that have blessed or even saved others

  1. Stories From the Lost and Found—stories that call forth what your heart has treasured, what you’ve had to lose, grieve, and receive in a new way; stories of being purified, perhaps, in life’s crucible, to bring forth a deeper beauty, resilience, and vitality

  1. Stories of Pure Human Kindness—tender accounts of the unexpected compassionate goodness of others when you were alone, lost, vulnerable, caught short, or feeling excluded from the circle of life

Storytelling Our Lives is a workbook meant to be written in, underlined, highlighted, dog-eared, maybe even smudged with the runaway splash of coffee.

Wide outer margins allow you to expand your thoughts, jot down ideas, and capture creative sparks as they arrive.

Journey into the unique treasure trove within you, to call forth and craft the stories that are waiting to be shared.


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