What Peacemaking Looks Like Booster Pack


This Booster Pack includes:

1. your personal downloadable PDF of the seven-part Peacemaking Course Journal

2. automatic registration for your personal Office Hour with Mary Sharon

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You’ll receive premium value from Mary Sharon’s teaching video with this Course Journal, including all of her talking points, plus ample room to capture notes, ideas, and questions.

Then, bring those thoughts and questions to your personal Office Hour with Mary Sharon.

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In a world drenched in violence and trauma, how can we create a world drenched in peace?

Mary Sharon shows you the disciplines it takes to cultivate a nonviolent heart. Drawing her cues from Jesus’ teaching in chapter 6 of Matthew’s Gospel, Mary Sharon shares with you:

    • four helpful definitions

    • three lessons from her own apprenticeship in nonviolence

    • how to befriend and learn from Sister Violence, Brother Violence

    • the Beatitudes as a roadmap to peacemaking

    • two corrosive forces at work in a culture of violence

    • three guiding words

    • why peacemaking matters

This course is ideal for:

  • your own interior growth

  • mastery of your own heart, attitude, actions, and words in challenging times

  • your church’s Adult/Elder/Spiritual Growth group

  • your efforts to live prophetically in today’s world

The 40-page journal accompanies you through this seven-session course. And your scheduled Office Hour with Mary Sharon takes your learning experience a rich level deeper.

Note: The Office Hour is one-to-one, and requires unique registration for each person in any group learning environment who may wish a personal conference.

Mary Sharon has been a spiritual director in the Christian tradition, throughout the U.S. and Canada, for over twenty years.

Bonus Material for

What Peacemaking Looks Like

Your Path to Cultivating a Nonviolent Heart

It’s easy to feel discouraged in the sometimes lonely work of choosing nonviolence, when everyone around you unthinkingly “others” those they dislike or who don’t think like them.

So here are five encouragements which are worth practicing—starting today!

Resist duality; embrace essential oneness.

Let go old patterns; receive new life.

Lay down the weapons; become a blessing.

Let go the stony heart; live with a heart of flesh.

Stop the interior war; become a channel of peace.

Share these encouragements freely! Please include the attribution:

from Mary Sharon Moore, marysharonmoore.com.


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