Words of Lent Booster Pack


This Booster Pack includes:
1. your personal downloadable PDF of the Course Journal
2. automatic registration for your personal Office Hour with Mary Sharon

Get premium value from the 6-lesson series with this Course Journal, including all teaching slides, plus ample room to capture notes, ideas, and questions.

Then, bring those thoughts and questions to your personal Office Hour with Mary Sharon.

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Mary Sharon regards the Lenten season as a time of focused preparation for mission in life, a mission that evolves year by year. So, Lent is not a time of self-improvement but a season of intense self-discovery as one matures in the Christ-centered life.

All lessons are available for free on Mary Sharon’s YouTube channel. This Words of Lent Booster Pack enables you to take full advantage of the learning experience.

This course is ideal for:
• your own personal use
• your spiritual enrichment group
• your church’s RCIA and Adult Formation programs
• your church’s retirement/homecare/assisted living ministries

The 21-page Words of Lent Booster Pack journal accompanies you through the course. And your scheduled Office Hour with Mary Sharon takes your learning experience a rich level deeper.

Note: The Office Hour is one-to-one, and requires unique registration for each person in your group seeking the Office Hour.

Mary Sharon’s engaging style, combined with her simple, memorable, frame-changing insights, carries you deeper into Christ-centered mature life.

Part 1: Be Tested
Part 2: Listen
Part 3: Repent
Part 4: Lost, Found
Part 5: Mission-weary
Part 6: Innocence


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