Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction

Receive what your soul has been yearning for… one-to-one coaching for midlife and beyond. I address these topics—and more…
• Struggle to feel grounded in times of upheaval
• Loss of direction approaching or following life transitions
• A lagging prayer life
• A lack of impelling mission, or a sense of “mission drift”
• Unfreedom in family, personal, or work relationships
• A felt sense of being invited to “something more”

I bring a keen ability to identify seasons of apprenticeship, patterns of fruitfulness, and the hidden questions that point to a deepening of mission in midlife and beyond. To schedule a brief discernment phone chat, please contact me. You can also read my Spiritual Direction testimonials.


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For those drawn to the listening arts, my book Moving in God’s Direction offers a deep and inspiring look at the inner workings of spiritual direction—what to look for, and what to expect. Read sample pages here. Read what others are saying.

Spiritual work is worth doing.

“Mary Sharon, we are using Moving in God’s Direction as a core text in my spiritual direction formation program. Every time I open it, I find more riches to highlight. I’ve got notes in the margins, and just about everything is underlined!” A directee

Read more testimonials here.

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