Storytelling our lives

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One big takeaway from this pandemic which has barreled in and reshaped our lives is this: We need to connect with others. We need to share our stories. We need to be heard.

I am pleased to launch my latest book—a 140-page workbook, really: Storytelling Our Lives: How to turn your life experience into compelling narratives of engagement, meaning, and insight.

And here’s a glimpse into the Intro …


Our times seem unique.

Our forebears, in their times, thought the same.

In fact, our times are unique, as were the times of our forebears.

Which means that our times, like times before us, urgently call for the wisdom, compassion, insight, and encouragement of Storytellers.

You and I are the Storytellers for today. We are the keepers of the memory, tenders of the flame of all that is tested, courageous, generous, noble, and worthy within the human spirit.

Our times need us. You might say that we—not our forebears, not generations to come—we are the ones sent to meet the moment we are in.

Our times need our memory, our ways of finding meaning, and the fire at our core. 

Why? Because our stories do not end with us. They point to the larger Story that unites humankind.

In Storytelling Our Lives I will help you to wordcraft the memories of the flame that has guided you and shaped the experiences unique to your life. …

In other words, you will be crafting real stories that carry your audience from a beginning, to a complex middle, clear through to the end.

Reminiscing and sharing memories or anecdotes from your past is good. But actual storytelling reveals how you “show up” in your world, what matters to you, and how your heart, attitude, and spirit have been changed in the process.


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