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My Advent longing

Approx. read time: 2:10 min I await the end of the world of oppression, injustice, mean-spirit, rancor, power over, diminishment of humanity and decency and dignity of each one whether low, high, or somewhere in the middle. I await the end of the world of suspicion and judgment and fear and mindless pushback against what… Read more »

I await Jesus, the nonviolently subversive One

Approx. read time: 3:15 min   The prophetic and divinely subversive season of Advent slips in, I notice, while shoppers’ attention is fixed on nabbing a parking spot, a deal, and the dream of abundant merch on every shelf. A prophetic season, I say, because we can’t say we didn’t get the warning: The reign… Read more »

Honestly, how shall we pray in this Advent season?

If we are paying attention, we are being sobered. Here is my Advent prayer. Approx. read time: 0:52 sec. Somehow the familiar language of Advent doesn’t fit anymore. At least, not for me. And maybe not for you, either. We’re in a long season of purification, a painful season of sobering up to the reality that… Read more »

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