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To Love As GOD Loves

  Approx. read time: 1:40 min. Looming large on my calendar is the start of Lent, a season that looms large on the soul. I think I should prepare, establish a rhythm or some practice to give me entry into this time of reflection and conversion of heart. And a phrase comes to me, which… Read more »

Enough, already: My letter to President Biden

  Approx. read time: 1.5 min Dear President Biden: The people of Gaza have endured over 100 days of ongoing genocide, with named victims exceeding 25,000. Over ten thousand children have been wantonly sacrificed, and those who survive undergo surgeries without anesthesia. Pregnant women lack necessary safety and support as they give birth. Gazan civilians… Read more »

Prayer for a new year

Approx. read time: 2:50 min. People have been saying “Good riddance” to the year that is now passed. I understand their feeling. “A year like no other” is shorthand for what is too complicated, too onerous, to recap. The past year was, like every other year, a gift, given in great love and full of… Read more »

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