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Climb the buttes that beckon you

Approx. read time: 3:10 min. I start my hike up the Martin Street trailhead to the Ridgeline Trail in the south end of town. Immediately I notice how lush the forest has grown since I last was here. Maples are out, filtering morning sunlight to a pale golden green. Himalayan blackberries, along with other forest… Read more »

Byebye Bijou

Approx. read time: 3:20 min. I want to share with you a story from my ninth book, Living as Jesus Taught. It’s just released and available now for sampling and purchase on my website! And the audio version is here. Byebye Bijou is one of my signature stories. In fact, it’s the story of the… Read more »

Where on earth is heaven?

Approx. read time: 2:55 min. My windows face only east. Expansive windows, with views stretching to the north and to the south. My horizon is the crest of the Coburg Hills, which merge south with other hills to enclose this upper end of my beloved Willamette Valley. So I live nestled in a three-sided bowl,… Read more »

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