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It’s time for a better theology

  Approx. read time: 1:30 min. Frankly? I’m tired of the which-side-are-you-on wars. Whether the wars are political, military, cultural, ideological, or just bad blood between siblings, neighbors, coworkers, or former spouses, these endless battles exhaust the life out of everything. Pitting one side against the other flattens the conversation, dulls the imagination, and cedes… Read more »

Love what’s right in front of you

Approx. read time: 2:30 min. A friend shares a phrase, which I hear differently from the way she presents it. Her phrase is, Love what’s right in front of you. Well, the word right can mean so many things. It can mean a direction, like when another friend says: Turn right at the corner. When… Read more »

COVID: The invitation we were waiting for

Approx. read time: 3:20 min. Alright, already! I hear God lamenting. If only my people—that would be all of us, everywhere—If only my people would understand: It’s all about love! No matter what the matter is, it’s all about love. I have a hunch that God is speaking about all-caps LOVE, the hidden force in… Read more »

Byebye Bijou

Approx. read time: 3:20 min. I want to share with you a story from my ninth book, Living as Jesus Taught. It’s just released and available now for sampling and purchase on my website! And the audio version is here. Byebye Bijou is one of my signature stories. In fact, it’s the story of the… Read more »

How I pray in times of trouble

Approx. read time: 1:55 min. I’m deleting a lot of emails these days. Dropping scheduled webinars from my calendar. Dialing down the newscasts. Turning off the radio in my head. Not because I don’t care about the pandemic, or elections, the economy, chronic hunger, where the church is headed, nor any of the other concerns… Read more »

My resilience statement

Approx. read time: 2:30 min. In this unrehearsed season which rattles every aspect of life, I share with you my practices and commitments, in the hope that they will inspire you to fortify your own interior resilience. My practices I pray, intercede, and give thanks daily, as I always do I practice prudent health and… Read more »

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