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If bread and wine …

Approx. read time: 2:30 min. For Sunday morning worshipers, the deepest dark days of pandemic threw us off our routine. Well, I think, with churches closed, I suddenly have occasion to sit deeply, at home, with the Eucharistic Prayer. Again and again, a simple line from this ancient prayer draws me into untethered contemplation: And… Read more »

Take, and eat

Approx. read time: 3:15 min. It’s early in the dawn hour, my hour of Morning Prayer. The psalmist this morning is yearning for God. Panting, hungering, thirsting for God. I gaze out the window toward the eastern horizon, and allow a space for the yearning to settle in. I too will know this yearning deeply,… Read more »

Dark Night of Pandemic

Approx. read time: 1:55 min. This post will appear in the March issue of Dimension Connections, the monthly e-newsletter of Theresians International. All the commentary seems to agree: Post-pandemic life will never return to normal. For now, we sleepwalk our way through a long dark night. Honestly, the old “normal” seemed more like normalized insanity,… Read more »

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