The word I meant to say

Dawn light splashes across the morning sky

Photo: Mary Sharon Moore, Sunrise over San Antonio, 2016

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I do not know how to pray as I ought.

I think I do, and then the words multiply as I wrestle with what I am trying to say—as though anything needs to be said, as though I might convince God of my sincerity of heart, my availability, my readiness to participate in God’s vision for my life and for this world which I touch.

I wrestle with the words and with just the right crafting of words, when all I really want to say is: Yes.

Yes. There, I said it, the word I was trying to find all along.

And now I enter into the freedom of this one strong, simple word, a word that restores me to my senses, restores the soul to its proper center, which is the heart and mystery of GOD.


I breathe out Yes, and breathe in the promise of its fruitfulness in my life.

I breathe out Yes, and breathe in the sure knowledge of God’s hidden and perfect movement.

I breathe out Yes, and breathe in the pure, strong, uncomplicated faith of the young Mary in the presence of God’s messenger Gabriel.

I breathe out Yes, and breathe in the Lord’s invitation to abide with him in his agony in the Garden as he pours out his life to his Father.

I breathe out Yes, and know that it is the truest, fullest, deepest, most resolute expression of my soul before GOD.

The word is complete. I can think of nothing more to say, nothing to add, no conditions or qualifications. Beyond this word I am speechless. 

All within me is silent, drawn into the stillness of this sacred Mystery.

Yes, I pray. 

Dawn breaks. Rose-gold light begins to play across the surface of the sky. 

Having breathed forth my Yes, my task now is to notice things as they unfold in the circumstances of this hour, in the engagements of this day.

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