Wake up—from the sleep of inhumanity

Ridgeline woods in autumn fog. Mary Sharon Moore, 2022


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“Wake up!” Jesus says repeatedly, of the socially and politically fraught times he lived in. 

“Be constantly on the watch!” he urges. “Stay awake!”

If we’re paying attention, these words are the cue for this Advent season.

But in our times, we resist being woke. There’s always a reason why being woke is wrong.

Of course! Waking up, being woke, from our culture’s sleep of inhumanity holds power to rattle our reliance on the invincible structures of rigged and rotten systems. 

Being woke holds power to challenge, even dismantle, the myths of self-serving interest we’ve unthinkingly bought into.

Waking up is inconvenient. We’d rather go shopping! And the “jolly holiday season” is happy to oblige.

But Advent is here, and word is out: Now’s the time to wake up, sober up, and step up to what smithereened humanity begs of us: To awaken from our sleep of inhumanity.

A good place to start? Get your cup of coffee, sit down, and rethink everything.

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Be well. Live in peace. Love one another.

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