What directees are saying about Moving in God’s Direction

Spiritual work is worth doing.

“Rarely do books invite, inspire, and instruct with equal strength, but Moving in God’s Direction does just that. Readers interested in receiving or giving spiritual direction are generously and deftly accompanied by Mary Sharon Moore through the wonder and work of listening for God’s leading. Practical and compelling, this is a resource I will revisit often for encouragement and insight. An ideal companion for anyone’s spiritual journey.”
Hope Lyda, spiritual director

“I am a fast reader and thought I could just whip through this book. But Moving in God’s Direction is not that kind of book. I had to slow down in order to savor the depth of what you have to offer. I wish I could have had this book years ago.”
A directee

“Moving in God’s Direction is the most comprehensive and sensitively written exploration of Catholic spiritual and vocational direction I have ever read. This book is a true gift.”
Antoinette Traeger, OSB, founder, With Hearts Expanding spiritual
direction formation program, Queen of Hearts Monastery, Mount Angel OR

… and about Mary Sharon’s Practice

“For the past five years your words have pierced my heart with conviction, gentle challenge, and affirmation in my spiritual journey. I always find myself uplifted and strengthened by our conversations and the way in which you freely share your gifts.”

“I remain grateful for being pointed to your name for spiritual direction … a “God” incident beyond all doubt.”

“I have been living with your phrase “anointed for a purpose.” It has really sparked new life in my soul, so I am now looking at my notion of purpose quite differently!”

“Mary Sharon, I am so grateful for our holy conversations! The things we speak about would not be understood by many. It truly is a gift, from you to me. God knew just what I needed, and then made it happen.”

“I always knew that help was necessary to get from who I was to who I really am. Life experiences were too fragmented and contradictory for me to put them together in a way that would produce a journey of this sort on its own.”

“Mary Sharon, I saw your name a long time ago.I have crawled all over your website, read your articles and two of your books. I’ve had several spiritual directors in the past. You are the only one who really understands me. You are a gift.”

“I’d been searching for a spiritual director for three or four years. I saw your website, read about your work, and knew you were the one to guide me. The Holy Spirit led me to you. I feel so very grateful!”

“Mary Sharon, your healing and wise words touched my heart and mind and allowed me to move out of anxiety into a place of love.”

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